Services prices *
Scaling , AirFlow , Professional brushing200 RON
Whitening opalescence boost1000 RON
Whitening tray160 RON
Obturation150-200 RON
Root canal treatment monoradicolartooth325 RON
Root canal treatment pluriradiculartooth525 RON
Fiberglass Pivot
220 RON
Metal-ceramic crown990 RON
EMAX facets400 EUR
Megagen Implant 600 EURO
Bonesystem Implant650 EURO
Implant Straumann850 EURO
Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin ( Botox )250 EURO
Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid ( Teosyal , Juvederm )200 EURO
Lip augmentation volume ( Teosyal , Juvederm )200 EURO
Treatment with PRP ( platelet rich plasma) 180 EURO
Incognito lingual machine / arcade2200-2500 EURO
Fixed appliance esthetic monocrystalline sapphire / arch900 EURO
Metal fixed appliance / arch2200 RON (500 EURO)
Invisalign Full 3500 EURO
Invisalign Lite3100 EURO

Treatments fees in the clinic are done individually and then discussed personally at the consultation . The total cost of a dental treatment is not computed using templates tariff but settled only on a based individually treatment plan and is based on a diagnostic given by the specialist, as a result of clinical and radiological investigations involving compulsory a certain patient . Each case corresponds indications, degrees of difficulty and different materials as such and different costs . Thank you for understanding!