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It happened

Dent It Clinica Dentale Italiana opened in Bucharest ! Dent It is located on Calea Floreasca Street that is slowly becoming the economic center of the city .

Located in downtown of Bucharest, Dent It is a dental and facial aesthetics clinic with specialists from Italy with international training .

This project, one of the first of this kind in Romania , was born from the idea to satisfy aesthetically and functionally a quality dentistry.

It is a clinic at the forefront , where hygiene and sterilization are core values and where the patient will be treated as a priority .

Our Doctors


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The Doctor job is not a chosen job, it chooses you . I was lucky to grow up in a family where talking about medicine was even at Sunday lunches , my father is a cardiologist and my brother is a doctor also, so inevitably I felt an inclination towards this profession which automatically developed into a passion. Since I was a little boy, I always adored to see people smile.

Choosing to come to study in Romania , it was more a decision taken by instinct .

Then it was a very different Romania from now and quite complicated , especially for a young foreigner. Originally determined to be an experience just one year , and then return home ” da mamma ” , but it’s been two , four, six and after almost ten years we are still here and make people smile , this being the greatest satisfaction which my job offers me daily.

After so many years I can confirm a saying circulating among us, as foreigners, ” you come in Romania crying and crying when leaving .”

Doctors choice in general , not necessarily the dentist is a very subjective decision that changes from patient to patient.

Personally , I really think that completing a satisfactory outcome of medical treatment is based on a successful doctor , then certainly a great attention to hygiene and sterilization and professionalism is the skeleton of a successful clinic .

It Dent Clinic Dente Italiana , located downtown , on Calea Floreasca 112, is the third clinic in our group . Together with my partners and my masters , Dr. Ernesto Mostarda and Dr. Fabio Minnozzi , I brought in Bucharest the ” know-how” of more than twenty years of successfully completed treatment ; the other two clinics that we have in central Italy , fortunately bring a lot of healthy smiles and satisfied patients . Dent It project is based primarily on the professionalism and experience of doctors as well as the dedication to this profession ; qualities that allow you to manage and market a medical as in Romania , fairly saturated in the medical field , where there are already clinics solid.

The treatment required when it comes to dental aesthetics , dental is certainly faceting .

Veneers as a treatment to correct the shape, size and unsightly stains certain teeth are widely used among patients , even when they do not provide functional indications .

Whitening , lip augmentation by ” filler ” as hyaluronic acid, biostimulation and biorigeneration by injecting subcutaneous plasma rich in platelets (PRP ) are clearly current trends in facial aesthetics , which can be found in the portfolio of our treatments successfully completed clinic of our Bucharest , on Calea Floreasca 112 .